GTA is a famous series of adventure titles made by Rockstar studio. The name of the arrangement references the term utilized in the America for car burglary and naturally this is going to be one of your main activities in the process of playing. Today, there is a pretty large amount of parts already launched and more are going to come for sure – the success of the franchise is no way doubtful. All parts have a very similar basis – a player is welcomed to become one of the criminal gang members and do everything (even some really nasty things) to move higher on the “career” ladder. The way a story is arranged is pretty open and free. Indeed, you have a main direction to follow – becoming a leader of a gang – however, there are so many ways and paths you can take. The titles are rich for various side missions and small tasks as well as unexpected situations that will occur from time to time. Your progress through the plot will depend on the success of your actions and the way you complete the tasks one by one. There might be a longer and shorter way to the victory and in most cases it is you to decide what to do next. The game won’t push you too much.

Most of your missions will be connected with unlawful actions. Well, what else can it be, if you are a part of the criminal world, an underworld of a big city? GTA series are known for being tough and cruel, so be ready that violent episodes will follow your every step. Murders, carjacking, robbery, fights, and shooting will happen all the time. Also, fans appreciate GTA for a perfectly-arranged racing and some of them believe that cars and vehicles are the central elements of the titles, which are even more interesting and attractive than shooting and other missions. What is more, in most parts of the series you will have a chance to sit inside of different types of vehicles, not just cars but also helicopters and even public transport.

The first parts of GTA cannot boast of having a complicated or somehow twisted plots. They are pretty straightforward and doesn’t focus on the story too much. You are encouraged to have fun and that’s all. In most cases, you will be focused on short-term missions and goals, without considering anything else. Neither characters nor episodes have any depth. However, the game developers will pay attention to this aspect in later titles. As such, the newer episodes of the series have more complicated characters and depict unobvious bonds between them. You will have to witness inner and outer conflicts, think about the story and pay attention to other actors of the game, which will amaze you with their self-sustainability (comparing to the first parts, this level of detail will surely seem to be amazing).