If you ask anyone if a pizza house can be a dangerous place, they would surely chuckle and answer: yes, if you can't stop after the first pizza or the anchovies are expired. Could a simple guy named Mike Schmidt suppose he was putting his life at risk when he applied for the job of a night guard at Freddy Fazbear's? Now he's up against a whole army of blood-thirsty mechanic toys that hunt him all over the building. And there is nothing he can do except sit in his glass booth and try to outsmart them with the use of electric technologies. However, as we know, electricity has a tendency to go off and we can only guess what happens when it does… Can you hold up until dawn and keep the murderous animatronics at bay all night long? You can test your survival skills playing FNAF games on our site!

Pursued by killer bear

These teddy bears and cute dolls seem to be nothing but nice-looking toys in the window of a popular pizza place. During the day, they attract visitors performing their mechanic routine or singing and dancing. But when darkness falls, they turn into real monsters. They spring to life and hop off their usual places. They start roaming the building looking for someone they can sink their metal claws into. And when they find that person, there is nothing to save them from a grim fate. Our hero really needs this job, so he is willing to risk it and finish his five-night shift to get his salary. You need to help him remain alive, surrounded by a crowd of plush killers. So far, they don't know where you are. But you do know where they are and what they are doing at the moment – thanks to a system of security cameras installed all over the pizzeria. You can observe each and every animatronic on your screen and that gives you a certain tactical advantage. Another thing you can do is control the sliding doors. You can turn the power on and off preventing Freddy and his friends from going that way if you notice that one of them is already near. But that surely won't keep your enemies away for long because there are so many of them and you have to keep an eye on all the screens an doors all by yourself. Besides, animatronics will show up on the screen out of nowhere scaring the hell out of you. These are going to be tough, nerve-wrecking five nights!

All alone against a crowd of zombie toys

Fighting the vicious animatronics from the comparative safety of your glass booth isn't the only thing FNAF games are about. Some of them take the horror experience to an even more intense level sending you actually walking through the pizza house with all the dangers lurking in the darkness. The vile toys can be waiting for you anywhere and you never know whether you will run into one of them right around the corner. Your only equipment is a flashlight that illuminates just a small spot of your route, so you should be extra careful and ready to show quick reaction when your life is in danger. Will you be able to beat the famous ultimate custom night challenge? Will you manage to cope with your fear and avoid the mortal threat? Play FNAF online and find out!