What is your favorite entertainment on the Roblox platform? Wait with the answer before you try Rainbow Friends. This new project will immediately take all your attention. And if you love thrills and jumscares – you will simply adore this adventure! So get on a bus and drive into Odd World! But do not expect much fun – you will have the most frightening trip you have ever experienced. So pluck up all your courage, and let’s get started!

You will be kidnapped!

All your plans will be roughly interrupted as you are going to be kidnapped. And now you are completely alone in some weird location. It is not a lovely park you dreamt of. Moreover, you are in danger as soon you will face strange creatures that will start hunting you. You will meet several colored personages that look like funny cartoon characters. But their intentions are not friendly at all. They are evil monsters that will try to capture you. The plot is similar to the popular FNAF series – you now need to spend several nights in the company of treacherous opponents and try to survive. Every time, someone new will try to attack you, and your task is to find a way to stay safe. Your success depends on your ability to make instant decisions. The game comes with a lot of quests and puzzles – solve them all to remain alive.

How to mislead these evil opponents?

There are several opponents you need to deal with in this story. They are named according to their colors and come with individual powers. At first, you will meet Blue! This creature is fully blue and has a crown on his head. The monster will scan everything around, trying to find you. What can you do to escape the meeting? You will have to hide in a box. But if you are still spotted, you will have to run as fast as you can to survive! Next, you will meet Green. This antagonist is blind but has extremely long hands. You will need to be very careful not to approach you too close. Otherwise, he will easily reach you. So try to keep at a safe distance. Now, it is time to see Orange, a little lizard with sharp teeth. You will need to feed him without a stop if you do not want to be eaten yourself. And the scariest enemy is Purple, the opponent that lives in the vent. He will appear without warning and catch you at the most unexpected moment. You should avoid approaching the vents and even stepping into a pool! Will you be able to confront all these antagonists and successfully trick them? Start playing now to prove it!