Do you like puzzle games? Then you must be a mahjong fan, because it is really hard to name a puzzle that is more engaging than this ancient game. On this website, you will find a great deal of mahjong-based and inspired entertainments. Not only you will get access to classical Chinese version of it, where the dragons and characters are present, but also numerous other that feature the same principle. Both classical and new versions of this entertainment will make you absolutely amazed! We have gathered an extensive collection of cool mahjong titles here for you, so enjoy them all free of charge.

Where does this puzzle game come from?

This incredible game was the favorite entertainment of Chinese royal persons long time ago. In 20th century, the game appeared in this region and with time – spread itself around the world. The very first versions of Mahjong were extremely aesthetical – masters made them from the bamboo sticks, wood, and stones. The artists painted pictures on the surface of small tiles. The traditional game includes more than 140 tiles and suggests four players simultaneously, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot play it alone or with one person. The pictures on the original piles were the Chinese characters only. Later, calligraphy was replaced by art and the traditional symbols of the country appeared there. Dragons, women in kimono, swords, trees, and flowers – these and other pics pleased the eyes of the players from the earliest times of Mahjong existence. Each participant received thirteen piles and made turns discarding them until he or she gives them all out.

Today, mahjong goes digital and new sides of this amazing puzzle open up. All the traditional rules of the game stay the same – you still need to be strategic in order to remove the matching piles out of the board. The idea is to find the similar ones and combine them. They will disappear and you will proceed to the next level. In most mahjong games, there are several layers of piles to remove. When you are done with the first one, another is waiting for you underneath. The themes of the modern games vary – they can mimic classical Chinese aesthetics, but also other visuals. For example, there are puzzles where you are required to match the candies, animals, and even spooky Halloween-themed pics!

What do we offer?

• Mahjong Sweet Connection
The tastiest version of mahjong where you need to match the sweet shiny candies. So much sugar and delicious treats are waiting for you!
• Mahjong for 12 Minutes
The thrilling mahjong puzzles where you have only 12 minutes to finish the board! Brace up and get ready for the intellectual race!
• Mahjong 3D 2020
Flat mahjong is for the newcomers! How about a three-dimensional massive cube with pics to match? Here you go!
• Farm Mahjong
Match cute cows, chickens, horses, and other domestic animals to build a real farm!
And there are more mahjong-style titles here! Enter the section and have fun playing them all. Will you become a real master of the ancient Chinese game?