Talking Angela games will introduce you to a nice fluffy cat named Angela. You’ll be able to spend plenty of time with her pursuing different activities, taking care of fulfilling her needs and of course picking up new outfits from the heroine’s vast wardrobe! There are a lot of exciting mini-games and daily missions waiting for you here!

Meet the charming Angela!

Look at this cute little kitten! Right now it’s just a baby and it can’t do anything without your help. You have to take care of this tiny creature, make sure it’s well-fed, clean and the diapers are changed. As you compete these uncomplicated tasks, Angela will be gaining experience and increasing her level. With every level she receives, she will grow up and become a little older. And in a little while, she is going to be a teenager!

That’s a great time because Angela will start to show her character and her interests will expand. For instance, she will get attracted towards cosmetics and bright outfits. And you will gladly help her do a perfect makeup using all kinds of eye shadows, lipsticks and skin tones that you are going to find on her night table. She will also be happy to take a bubble bath – unlike most cats, Angela isn’t afraid of water! This will also satisfy her hygiene need because if you let Angela walk around unwashed for too long, her fur will become grey and there even might be lice in it!

Live a happy and interesting life!

The same goes for other vital needs the heroine has. For instance, she enjoys tasty food, but she also takes care of her health and wants to look well, so you have to cook something delicious and nutritious for you fluffy friend. It can be done in the kitchen where you will find everything necessary for it. Besides Angela has to sleep well in her bedroom to restore energy for another day full of games and entertainments. You can furnish her house to your own liking to make it even more beautiful and cozier.

Finally, you can go to the living room and enjoy a variety of mini-games together with our heroine. Most of them have something to do with reaction or logic, so you definitely won’t get bored. Besides, they can help you earn some extra coins and diamonds for buying even more amazing outfits and accessories for Angela in the store. Diamonds will also come in handy to purchase potions that can instantly refill any need of the character. Enjoy Talking Angela games online and see what level you can achieve!