Online games have long became a usual pastime for many people. After all, it's so great to plunge into a vibrant virtual reality and forget about all of your troubles for a few hours! And it's even more exciting to enjoy this scattering of amazing activities together with your buddies. This page contains the hottest games to play with friends that can turn any evening into an unforgettable adventure! Regardless of your genre preference, you will surely find an option that will suit the whole company. You can either get together in front of a PC screen or connect over the network to play the selected game each from your own device. Internet technologies have made it easier for you to stay in tune with your company even if you can't be physically near. So pick the game that seems right to you and enjoy playing it all together!

Team up and overcome all the challenges!

All games with friends can be divided into two categories: those that require you to collaborate as a team and those where you have to compete against each other. If you'd rather check your co-op skills, you can team up with your buddies against a crowd of zombies rushing in on you from everywhere or another such squad of players on a tiny island that is gradually filled with poisonous gas driving everyone closer into an unavoidable massacre. Fighting as one is great for building a team spirit. You can be sure that a friend will always watch your back in case of danger. It's also convenient to swap weapons and ammo, coordinate your tactics over a walkie-talkie and launch a well-timed attack on the enemy's camp. There are also games where each of the characters has unique skills and you need to combine them properly to pass all the levels. No matter what particular genre you choose, this is going to be riveting!

Compete in various skills!

Sometimes a little competition between friends won't hurt. Especially in the form of a thrilling online game! See who's the strongest, fastest and most agile playing dozens of amazing fighting and shooting games, races and sports simulators, puzzles and strategies. Try to beat your friends to the punch in a head-spinning race down a winding track or a crazy shootout in the Wild West. Capture each other's lands in the global war over a huge map. Check who's the smartest by comparing your erudition and intelligence in multiple quizzes and puzzles. There is always an option to choose that will allow you to spend a great time with your company. Enjoy our amazing games with friends and stay connected!