There is nothing better than releasing your mind and body from stress by means of a relaxing video game. Most player prefer something really cruel to blow off the steam. Fighting, ruining, beating, and torturing are horrible in the real life, but they become a real remedy when being virtual. You have a digital victim to beat up and here you go – the large arsenal of weapons will make your entertainment even more amazing. The idea of such games is to make you get rid of your aggression without actually shouting at your relatives and friends. And guess what? It works! Maybe, the best and most popular representative of the genre is famous Kick the Buddy series, an ultimate torturing title where you roast a rug doll in any way you want to. That’s really exciting.

Spew your wrath on the silly doll

Your task is to defeat Buddy – the smiling ragdoll. His smile might be even a bit annoying, but that’s for good – the more pleasure you will get when hitting, kicking, and splitting him into pieces. He will never resist your actions and, of course, will always stay your best Buddy. He will silently handle everything that you do, even if you will explode him or tear his head off. The doll won’t even make a noise. During these actions you take, your anger slowly goes away and you feel better! The bad mood changes into a positive one and you are free from your ruining emotions again! Any time you feel frustrated or angry, open Kick the Buddy and let this state leave you once and forever. We bet that you will come back to hit him again and again! This will surely bring you a great delight and a sense of freedom.

A great amount of numerous weapons to check out

To deal with Buddy, you have a truly enormous collection of weapons of all kinds. Here you will find everything for firing, exploding, poisoning, and even bagging the monsters at Buddy. You will find guns, cannons, nuclear bombs (yes, this is for those who like to cut the loose), wild animals, poisonous plants, hammers, axes, knives, and more! Use them all and see what effect different types of weapons can make. Buddy will burst into pieces at some moment, but that’s okay – he will surely come back soon. The best thing is that you cannot actually kill Buddy once and forever. Whatever you do to him, Buddy comes back. To make your torturing sessions even more delightful, you are welcome to put funny accessories and clothes at him. Who knows, maybe some of them will remind you of people that make you really annoyed, so the effect will grow. Try the games from Kick the Buddy series right here on this site and have fun with this silly doll!