Siren Head games will test your survival skills, courage and reflexes in a struggle against creepy monsters living in the woods. They have speakers instead of their heads and are capable to produce a deadly shockwave, so you need to keep away from them at all costs! Will you be able to find a path out of this damned forest and avoid being killed by the horrible sirens? Let’s play and find out!

Beware of Sirens!

During the existence of the Siren Head series, many storylines for the games have arisen, but they all begin about the same. The main character finds himself in an abandoned place – for example, in a hut in the middle of the forest, at an old army base, or in an empty house on the edge of a small village. Night reigns and sirens surround him in the darkness. These are creepy creatures of enormous stature, long arms and sharp claws. But their inhuman strength is not the worst thing that they can use against you. After all, they can make a variety of sounds and frequencies to shock their victim. And as soon as you fall to the ground as a defenseless body, they will tear you to pieces…

Let’s agree, the prospect is not the most pleasant! Therefore, to avoid a terrible fate, be as careful as possible. Move crouching in the tall grass – this will make it harder for the sirens to spot you. If you caught their attention, freeze and wait for them to pass by. After all, there is nothing worse than incurring the wrath of a siren and that’s not very difficult to do!

Fight for your life and get away!

Fortunately, the developers have armed you with a pistol from which you can shoot at enemies. It won’t be easy to kill such a powerful creature, but if you aim for the head, the process will go faster. You will also have a flashlight with which you will illuminate your path in the gloomy forest. Do not forget about one feature – the bullets in the pistol run out, and the batteries in the flashlight run out. Therefore, pretty soon all this will stop working if you use them thoughtlessly.

In the course of the passage, it is not enough just to stay alert and avoid the sirens. Sometimes you will also have to solve puzzles and search for certain items needed, for example, to fix a broken car, which you can use to get out of the forest. All this time, you need to beware of enemies who can attack you when you least expect it. Play Siren Head online and see if you can fight back these horrible monsters!