Playing with friends is always better than enjoying video games on your own. And everything becomes even more interesting and exciting, when you have a large team of fellows to join you in any digital adventure. Games for four players is a perfect way to spend your weekend or to have fun during a party with your buddies. Indeed, there are so many types of titles created for a number of players that you can choose one from a really extensive list. Do you prefer cooperation games? Well, then you should try one of the titles of that kind – we have prepared a number of them. Usually, they unite players and encourage them to pass a level and complete a mission all together. As a rule, the process involves different characters, who have various skills and complement each other. This is just the case with titles like Fireboy and Watergirl – here, you will meet different heroes, who are strong only when they act together as a single force. One of them can do something that the other one cannot, so they have to switch the roles and play one after another to reach the final aim. Such games have an incredible effect – you and your fellows get a feeling of being together and understanding each other, because you have a single goal to follow.

Also, you may have fun in a competitive game for a number of players. Here you will find a pretty large variety of types and genres. There are battles, sport games, shooters, survivors, and more. Whether you prefer a simple game of chess, golf, or a card game – you can have plenty of them. These are the classics of the genre, that never get old. What about fighting against one another and finding, who is the bravest, fastest and strongest in your company? You may drive tanks or simply shoot with your guns – the one, who survives, will become a winner. When it comes to games that allow more than two players, you have a chance to have a nice time in a loud company that can be divided into teams. This also brings the cooperative element back, only now you have to unite with some people to fight with the others. Some competitive games exclude cooperation at all like Pixwars – every player is for himself/herself and all the rest are the opponents. Whether you prefer competitive or cooperative titles, you should check the amazing set of titles for multiple players we have gathered for you. Here you will find the most interesting and high-quality games that won’t let you get bored even for a second. We have even more great news for you – this section, just like any other on our website, is updated regularly, so you should come back here from time to time for new entertainments. Be aware that we locate new games right after they are launched, so no need to search for them elsewhere – stick to our platform and have unlimited and never-ending fun!