Football is the favorite game of millions. But not everyone was born to be a great forwarder. Very few people break into big sport, but even those who just kick the ball in the yard sometimes want to feel like stars of stadiums! You will have this opportunity in Fifa games. This is a full-fledged simulator of football matches, where all the gameplay is recreated with a great deal of realism. You can check that yourself on our website!

Just like a real soccer match

What attracts us so much in football? Of course, an exciting fight for the ball, incredible passes and shots, brilliant tactical decisions of the players, allowing at the last moment to score a spectacular goal. You will feel all this to the full in our Fifa games! Everything looks and happens just like in a real football match. Players move very believably, physics is detailed and complicated – you need to calculate the strength and trajectory of the hit so that the ball gets where it needs to. You can play for any one player or coordinate the actions of the whole team. If everything goes smoothly, fans in the stands will rejoice, raising your morale. And, of course, you will receive valuable prizes for your victories! Winning in virtual football is just as enjoyable as participating in real matches. Moreover, your success won’t go unnoticed and you can take a worthy place in the leaderboard.

Build a dream team and win the championship

In Fifa games, you can create a team to your liking, equipping it with the best players from around the world. Only here is it possible to combine Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham and see how they play together. Matches in which you have to participate are not just random sessions, but stages of a global virtual championship. Rising in the tournament table, you will increase your rating and receive money that you can spend on buying new players and improving their skills. In addition, you can compete not only against AI, but also against other people. And this is much more interesting, because the actions of the system can be predicted and calculated, in contrast to the behavior of a real person. As you can see, it is not necessary to have a good physical shape and hit the ball precisely to become an outstanding football player! This can be done online without putting on the boots. Play a diverse selection of Fifa games on our site, come up with winning tactics and show razor-sharp reflexes to get the Champions Cup!