Playing alone is one of the best ways to relax and have some rest. This is your personal source of escapism and fantasies, so it is not necessary for someone to join you! Games for one player are great because you are the main hero in them. You are the main protagonist and you are the only one to decide what to do! No need to take care of the other players or communicate with anyone. Just you and the game. By the way, there is also no need to compete with your friends for a victory. Well, it might be funny to try something like this from time to time, but how many games with your fellows ended up with quarrels! Who knows! If you don’t have anyone to share a game with or simply prefer playing on your own, then you are welcome to enjoy a whole section of amazing titles for one. Are you ready to find yourself as the main and the only one participant of a great story? Welcome then!

Games for one player can vary. For example, competing against a computer might be a good idea if you choose the game that is connected with opposition and struggle. Computers are really advanced players! As a rule, they play in a very tough way. Computers rarely make mistakes and if they do, chances are that this was made for a reason. Let’s say, you have chosen an easy mode of the game. If so, then the game algorithm will let you win. However, if you will choose a hard mode, then get ready for a severe fight. As you have guessed, playing against merciless computer with adjustable settings and complexity level, you can create a perfect rival for yourself. How are feeling today? Do you feel like you want to kick someone and win the fight? You can arrange this for yourself – choose an easy game and pick the easy mode. Or maybe you want something challenging? Something that will make you try hard, sweat, and even feel a little bit stressed? As you know, the smart and powerful enemies do a great favor to us – they help us become better and stronger. Just imagine your joy after you defeat a boss on the high level of complexity! This is great and after you do that, you will be trained and skilled enough to defeat anyone. Games for one are cool and they make you a better gamer!

In this section, you will find a great amount of such games. Most of them tell a story of a certain character, who has to do something very important. For example, he needs to save the world from ruination and let the humanity continues its existence. Or maybe the world has already been destroyed, so his mission is to survive in a new but very dangerous place where everyone can become an enemy. Maybe, you like stories about legendary warriors and knights, maybe you prefer playing for cute fluffy animals, or maybe you are here to play a game that doesn’t feature any characters at all. For example, you want a puzzle game. We have everything here! You can find a title of any kind by name, genre, or any other special features. Just remember that all of them are perfect when played alone.