Who hasn’t heard of Spider-Man? He bagan familiarizing children with the world of awesome superheroes who bravely fight forces of evil protecting their home city. Is someone smashing houses, plunging everything around into icy darkness, shooting lightning bolts or tearing apart any armor with their huge claws? Don’t worry – here comes Spider-Man throwing out a bunch of web that sticks to any surface, literally soaring in the air high above the streets!

Gain amazing superpowers!

Spider-Man games will put you in the skin of your favorite comics character. It’s not a problem for him to fly over a chasm between sky-scrapers – huge height doesn’t make him dizzy and he can’t fall. He creeps up from behind wihtout a sound and delivers a devastating blow to an unsuspecting enemy. Although he has no powers aimed at destruction, he can immobilize his opponents simply by wrapping them in his web. You can now write your own chapter of the story about this glorious character, who began his career in comics, and then moved to TV screens!

In the virtual world, there is always some job for him to do. You can often see other superheroes next to him, who accompany him on the difficult quest of clearing the city of villains. By joining forces, they provide a worthy rebuff to any evil spirits. If it is difficult to resist against one superhero, then when they are united, it is almost impossible! Considering that such a brave person like you joined their company, the underworld has no chance of continuing their filthy intrigues!

Save the city once again!

Spider-Man games have already become a real classic and, without them, it’s difficult to imagine any gaming site. Together with this young and noble fellow you will overcome many challenging trials, meet his faithful friends and enrich your baggage of heroic deeds. Get ready to rescue citizens, prevent global-scale disasters, defuse a nuclear bomb planted by criminals in New York City. They carefully guard the device, and it’s very difficult to get close to it. Press the buttons timely to make an apt move and go on with your epic escapade.

Don’t forget about all the great devices Spider-Man has at his disposal! Watching the spider sensor, you will be warned of danger, using drones will help you deal with multiple enemies at once, and if you need to move faster, just use an energizer. Play Spider-Man games online and feel like a true superhero!