A nice set of Geometry Dash games is something all players have to see. Actually, these titles are already extremely popular among gamers from all over the globe, so if you didn’t try any of them – it is high time to start! Mostly, these titles are characterized by simplicity of controls, logical puzzles, minimalistic design and super-exciting funny content. Geometry Dash features a cheerful and bright yellow cube, which is the main character and actor of this game. This joyful geometrical guy has a difficult path to overcome and the player’s task is to help him with this. You will guide him through numerous stages stuffed with various obstacles and complicated pieces of land. The levels of the title will make you jump high, run fast, move confidently, and most importantly, think through your movements a few steps ahead. It is incredibly important to see what’s going on ahead of you. Plan your moves and invent a special strategy and playing style while you pass the levels. If the cube misses its chance to make a right move, then neither dexterity nor resourcefulness will save it. So the player will have to begin the passage of the plot from the very beginning. With time, you will feel more comfortable playing the title, because you will learn to predict the next obstacles and find how to omit them better. Each next level is more difficult and fun than the previous one, so you won’t be bored. The creators of the game made sure that the user’s attention and interest won’t decrease for a minute. Don’t let the simple graphics and plain drawing confuse you! This title is not as easy and childish as it may seem. In the reality, things are quite opposite.

During the game you will have to act quickly and energetically. This won’t be too easy – sometimes you will make mistakes and fail the levels. Don’t worry – you will have another chance to pass the level. The only problem is that you will have to start it all over again. There is a great number of challenges for you and a yellow cube, but this is something that makes Geometry Dash really amazing. A slight touch of difficulty that increases with every new stage gives the geometric high-speed plots a special charm and originality. Get ready that you will have to gather all of your best skills in your hand and apply them in this title. The process involves attention, logic and concentration. And patience, of course! You will see that nothing is impossible in the universe of Geometry Dash.