Have you been looking for the amazing engaging game to relief stress and enjoy impressive graphics? Welcome to Solar Smash, a real masterpiece for all destructors. Here you will see and feel the beauty of chaos, explosions, and the most important – space free from those annoying planets and life! Well, yes, you will become a real genius and an evil guy, flying somewhere in the outer space on your ship equipped with numerous weapons. The game will help you relax and get rid of stress in a second.
So, in Solar Smash, all players will try and invent thousands of ways to destroy planets. You will have a huge arsenal of mighty weapons at your disposal. These are rockets, cannons, lasers, asteroids, collisions with other planets, killing sun rays, huge octopuses, aliens, and more. The game allows you to break numerous cosmic bodies into small pieces, burn them, and rub to powder. We guarantee that whenever some life worries are bothering you, destroying cosmos is the best way to get rid of frustration and stress.
Incredible special effects will make your playing experience really amazing. You will have a chance to see the planets from all sides and see the destructions at their best. See how the celestial bodies break into tiny pieces, burn, and turn into dust once and forever. This entertainment might seem a bit barbarian, especially when you attack the Earth and see the number of population rapidly decreasing as you do some nasty things with your lasers and nuclear bombs. However, allow yourself a guilty pleasure of that kind! What is more, the animation is absolutely delightful and the sound effects are astonishing. By the way, the game was developed with participation and control of the real NASA workers! They tracked all the processes, including the recreation of planets’ surfaces, materials they are made of, and physical reactions caused by different types of weapons. On this website, you will find numerous best version of Solar Smash, including the online one, unblocked, and updated. All the existing parts, new features, and add-ons will become yours – just one click, and you are already there. Have fun, ruin the planets, and show how great you are when it comes to destruction! As always, all of the games presented on our website, including every version of Solar Smash, are absolutely free to play and available for online playing sessions – no need to download and install a thing.