Everyone enjoys a good detective story. Especially if it has an element of mystery in it. If you are thrilled with investigating supernatural cases, welcome to Nancy Drew’s little virtual agency! This 18-year-old girl has a talent for solving the most enigmatic stories that ever happened on earth. Whenever there is something unexplainable going on – she’s right there, ready to collect the tiniest evidence and put the whole thing together like a puzzle. So, are you up for some thrilling exploration and unexpected twists of the plot? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Knocking on a mystery’s door

Nancy Drew games are based on actual novels written by Edward Stratemeyer. They tell about a series of mystical cases unraveled by a young and gifted detective. The events unfold in various places and in different parts of the world, but all of them have something in common – there is some otherworldly power at play. One time it’s a ghost haunting a hotel and driving out all of the visitors and you have to learn all of its past history to sooth the angry spirit and make the building human-friendly again. Another time it’s a curse hanging over a sunken ship that spreads over anyone who’s up for discovering the treasures lying in its hold. And sometimes you’ll even have to deal with witches in the middle of the 20th century. There is a whole bunch of such games, each telling a different story for you to follow and enjoy, so you’ll never get bored with all the mysterious, fascinating plots out there for you to check out!

Investigate, analyze, solve!

The gameplay of Nancy Drew games is a mix of action adventure and click puzzle. You have to move through the story that will be told in short cut scenes, explore various locations, search for evidence and pay attention to details. You’ll also get to know the characters who might be involved. Talking to them will help you a lot in processing in your investigation. You’ll be finding all kinds of items that might be important for the plot or even come in handy in your further actions. To store them, there is an inventory where you can easily reach any object you need any time. You’ll also carry around a cell phone that you can use to call any place or any person and get the needed information or help in case of emergency. There are all kinds of amazing adventures for you to hop into on this site! Enjoy the gripping combination of logic and intuition in Nancy Drew games online and see if you can solve all of those tricky cases!