Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2

Game description:

Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2 will send you on a riveting horror adventure as you try to save your life from an evil bunny. You’ll be playing as a little girl named Ruby who thinks that they toy her grandmother gave her is hunting her. There is always a strange story connected with the grandmother, so prepare for a lot of surprises!

The bunny is after you!

You know how kids believe that their toys are alive. It’s a natural thing, but sometimes maybe it’s more than just imagination. In case of Mr. Hopps, something is definitely off. The bunny was given to Ruby by her granny as a present. Shorty afterwards, the old lady has gone mad. And it turns out she was afraid of the same toy. Ruby found some notes in her closet and also a slingshot that grandma was using to fight off Mr. Hopps’ attacks. Now the bunny is after her, and she doesn’t know what to do. You need to help her if you don’t want anything to happen to the poor kid!

The game implies a lot of exploration and sneaking. You’ll be walking around the house at night when it’s dark and scary. To avoid Mr. Hopps, you need to be extra careful and avoid making even the slightest noise. As you know, rabbits have good hearing, so he will definitely catch the sound even if you are in a distant corner of the building. The controls are pretty simple, they include turning and going in different directions, jumping and ducking. The jumping will come in handy to maneuver between the toys and other objects scattered on the floor. And the ducking will be useful is Mr. Hopps is close and you need to hide from him.

Save your life and deal with Mr. Hopps!

The first time Ruby sees Mr. Hopps is when she suddenly notices the ghost of her grandma appearing in front of her. The old lady says she needs a hug and when Ruby comes closer, she turns into the evil bunny. The will be a lot of frightening moments like this in the game, but don’t worry, the danger won’t threat you immediately. Most of the times you’ll be able to get away safely, but you should still keep your eyes peeled. Who knows when Mr. Hopps is going to make his final move. You need to beat him to the punch! Around the house, you will find pieces of information that will clue you in on how to handle the mad toy. Your grandmother definitely knew something, so it makes sense to search her bedroom first. Plunge into this horror quest, enjoy a great number of spooky scenes and the feeling of suspense, reveal Mr. Hopps’ mystery and make sure he is no danger to you anymore!