What can be more horrifying than a fatal virus that has infected the entire humanity? Now the streets are filled with hungry monsters that roam the ruins of once flourishing cities in search of careless victims. Zombies games will carry you to the bloody world of apocalypse where you have to survive at any cost and fight heinous creatures with all available weapons. This is not a mission for weaklings. To stay alive in this cruel environment, you have to remain alert every second. Danger is waiting everywhere and you can never predict the moment you’ll need all your skills and reflexes. So retain vigilance and be ready to smash zombie heads with perfect shots until you run out of bullets!

Apocalypse is near

Online zombie games are created for those who enjoy testing their nerves and wish to add a bit of adrenaline to their daily routine. As a rule, the main idea is always the same: after a worldwide ecological catastrophe, the mankind dies in terrible pain and turns into wild, uncontrollable mutants under the influence of a mysterious infection. Their goal is to destroy the leftovers of the human race. But a bunch of survivors steps up against the threat and starts eliminated the zombies with everything they can.

Shoot off zombies and save humanity

The gameplay and plot can be very different. Some games will through you into the woods where your only defense is a shabby hut and your old shotgun with limited ammo. Zombies will attack in waves and you need to hold up as long as you can. Sometimes there is an element of scavenging urging you to collect resources in order to survive. You can team up with other people who were lucky to avoid the virus and build a base to fend off the monsters more effective. Other games have an intricate storyline sending you on a dangerous journey though monster-plagued lands in search of a cure. A variety of shooters, tower defense strategies and action adventures allows everyone to pick a game to one’s liking.

You’ll be thrilled with a grim, severe atmosphere, ominous soundtrack and unique missions of various difficulty. You’re going to move a lot, run fast, shoot with 100% precision, use voodoo and stick with the tactics that will allow you to deliver maximum damage. Playing our zombie games online, you’ll be able to save the world and have fun in the process!