Crab Game Squid

Game description:

Are you dreaming of the ultimate cash prize to say goodbye to all your debts? We know the solution! Join Crab Game Squid to check your luck and agility. You will surely need these qualities and you will shortly understand why. You need to prove you deserve this reward. How to do it? Everything sounds more than easy. Come and compete together with other players. The one who wins all the rounds will hit the target. So let’s get started? At first, you will check your reaction skills on the running field. It is not even about running fast but knowing when to move. The rule is simple – you move only when the indicator is green. Not a single step is allowed when the light turns red. No matter how primitive this task may seem, you will soon hear the first shots. What is this? Unfortunately, not all players decided to follow the rules.

And it was not a groundless threat that you will pay by your life for any violation. Do you already feel goosebumps crawling your skin? Wait, it is only the start. Every following trial will be even more terrifying. You will need to cross the bridge made from glass. But some tiles will break under your feet, sending you to the abyss. If you still feel you have enough skills to pass these hurdles, start this exciting fight for the prize. This game will demonstrate how well you can navigate extreme conditions and what are your chances to survive. You will need to think hard to complete every level and remain alive.