All aboard the Murder Express, where Choo Choo Charles is the conductor and you’re the prey! This is no ordinary train ride, because Choo Choo Charles is that super evil, blood-thirsty locomotive who will stop at nothing to derail you. If you don’t want end up just a pile of smoldering scrap, you’d better be prepared for your next encounter!

Beware, Choo Choo Charles is near!

It’s easy to get intimidated by Choo Choo Charles when you first catch sight of him. He’s got a sinister look with a rusty exterior and a smokestack that belches out dark clouds. And he’s riding at you full-speed like he doesn’t care for his own safety! To stand a chance against him, you have to work hard to upgrade your own train and even pack some weapons aboard. After all, you can’t keep running all the time, one day you just have to stand up to him and put up a fight.

So how exactly can you make sure your own locomotive is good enough for that? First of all, you will have to collect all possible loot to prep your train for the ultimate fight against Choo Choo Charles. There are materials scattered everywhere, so don’t ignore a single opportunity to get another stack of wood or metal or whatever you’re able to rustle up. But that’s not the only opportunity to level up a bit!

Travel the country, complete quests, upgrade your train!

As you ride the rails, you’ll encounter all sorts of crazy locals who will give you quests to complete. These quests are no ordinary tasks. One minute you’ll be delivering a crate of dynamite to a group of rowdy miners, the next you’ll be racing against a rival train to claim a valuable treasure. All this is kind of fun on its own, so you certainly won’t be bored while ramping up your firepower and layering more steel on your sides. Each quest comes with a reward of some kind that you don’t want to miss. Just watch out for those bandits who’ll try to rob you blind!

And don’t forget about Choo Choo Charles, because he’s always hot on your tail. You’ll need to use your upgraded weapons and train abilities to fend him off, or else it’s game over. And if you’re feeling extra brave, you can even try to take him down head-on in a deadly showdown. So get ready for the ride of your life! Can you outsmart Choo Choo Charles and complete all the crazy quests from the locals? Or will you become just another victim of this murderous train? Hop aboard, and let’s find out!