All kids are open for new things – the age of 4 is great for absorbing new knowledge with no effort. And what is more exciting – the kids can educate through playing! Luckily, there are a lot of online projects that were intentionally designed for the young players. With simple controls and bright graphics, they let children learn colors, consequences of actions and enhance logical skills. Thus, online games are never a waste of time as they are focused not only on fun but also on educating activities. We have put together the best projects that will keep little users bust and entertained! Once you are on this page, make sure to test all the titles!

Learn words, colors and numbers!

Usually, kids at this age are starting to actively prepare for school. Thus they are learning to read and count. Online games are the best ways to introduce letters and number to this cute audience. Everyone will agree that it is much more exciting to interact with live letters and join numbers on their adventures. Such an approach with bright visuals will not leave any kid indifferent. The little players will absorb tons of new useful information without even noticing it. The games for 4-year old kids come with very simple tasks, yet they bring very fruitful results if played regularly. This age is perfect for experiments and creativity – find multiple projects where kids may tap, swipe, color and paint! Make sure to try as many titles as possible to find the activity which will suit your kid best.

What can the youngest players love?

There are many options for those who only start their acquaintance with a pc. These can be simple puzzles for the smallest girls and boys, consisting just for a few pieces and adding up to colorful pictures. Kids can play games that will take them to a world of geography – they will learn shapes and understand the notions of length, height and width. And the most favorite category is coloring. Kids at this age usually cannot paint much. But they can show fantastic results in mixing shades and coloring black-and-white images. This site offers an excellent assortment of cool activities where a child will not only sit and play, but effectively progress. It is often said that little kids need to be given vivid emotions and allowed to interact. It contributes to logic skills, vocabulary and creative skills. So test some variants from this collection – you will love them all!