Toys by the day, monsters at night

Everyone had a favorite toy in their childhood. For some, it was a teddy bear they used to fall asleep with. For others, a golden-haired doll in a cute dress. This pizzeria has all of those characters and they are not just toys, they are animatronics. They can be mechanically winded to dance, sing and perform other adorable stuff the visitors love so much. But none of the people dining here on a daily basis has any idea about the terrible things happening in the building at night.

With the last beam of the sun, bears and dolls open their plastic eyes, spring off the shelves and start wandering around the pizza house. The management keeps silent about it because the place is so successful and nobody wants it to be closed. So they hire only people in desperate need of money to guard the pizzeria at night. Our character Mike is just that kind of a guy. He’s been struggling to get a job and now he just can’t lose this one too, no matter how dangerous it is. So he decides to work the five night shift no matter what. You need to help him with this perilous quest in our amazing Five Nights Games, otherwise the bloodthirsty toys can get to him first!

Survive, again and again!

Events of Five Nights games unfold on different locations. Sometimes it’s a familiar pizza house, sometimes it’s a candy shop, sometimes an amusement park. But the gameplay is basically the same – you have to stay away from the animatronics as long as possible. The evil curse setting them into motion stops working at dawn, so all you have to do is to hold up until the morning. But that won’t be easy since there are many of them and you’re all alone in your glass booth. Luckily, you’re not completely unarmed. You can watch the maneuvers of the vile toys trough a set of security cameras showing different parts of the building. This way you can stay aware of your enemies’ movements.

You’re also in control of power and since some of the doors are electrically wired, you can open and close them at will trapping the monsters in rooms from where they won’t get to you. Of course, that won’t last for too long because your power supply is limited. And once it runs out, all the doors will slide open and the beasts in plush skins will ramble free. It will be only a matter of time then before they sniff you out. Led by the horrifying Freddy the Bear, they will shake you out of your booth and then… You don’t wanna know! So you’d better not let them anywhere near you playing Five Nights games online on our site!