Most students will surely agree – education feels like survival sometimes. Indeed, there are so many things you have to do all the time! Your teachers can become your real enemies, especially when they are not very nice to you. However, how about experiencing a type of school when you need to survive literally? The school, where you can die every next second because you don’t know how to solve this or that assignment? And what if your math teacher is not just a picky guy, but a maniac ready to kill you right in the corridors or classrooms? We guess, when the plot becomes as nightmarish as that, there is the only thing you can do – run for your life. This a story where you are facing a maniac teacher that chases you all around the school, trying to catch you and kill you. Your actions? Run away as fast as you can!

A brand new game with cool features and characters

We are happy to inform you that in case you have been waiting for a new game that features your favorite teacher, then here it is. And the best news – not only you will meet good old Baldi now, but also we have a brand new chapter where another teacher steps on the stage. This guy looks even creepier than Baldi – his appearance is drawn in more detail, which makes him really horrible! He reminds of a clown, which add more horror into the game. As we all know, one of the worst nightmares of all children is a creepy clown, so now you have them combined in one. Enjoy!
Also, you will find here Roblox version of Baldi, which is a great addition to the classical one. Unlike the traditional game, this one allows you to play for the teacher and chase the students like crazy! Also, there are new additional features in all chapters we have uploaded, so get ready for a really unique experience.

Ready for a deadly chase?

All Baldi games are pretty unique, but there is one thing they have in common – whenever you enter the school of Baldi, your life is in great danger. Every corridor can be a place where you will meet the violent teacher and this is going to be the last place you will ever visit in your life. Try to run away from a maniac, use all rooms and dark places to hide, when you feel that he is running after you. Both Baldi and all of his buddies that are also present in the corridors of this school are pretty scary, but they are also sensitive – they can hear and you see you, wherever you are! Be silent, fast, and attentive! Solve all the puzzles and make your way out before it is too late. Have fun and get a striking adrenaline rush now!