Happy Wheels welcomes everyone who values speed, black humor, and really tough challenges! The main aim you will follow when playing this exciting title sounds pretty simple – you just need to make your way to the finish without dying in the process. In fact, there is no story or plot behind the events of the game – you just find yourself in the hands of your destiny, that brings you to a vehicle with a bit crazy old man who has nothing to lose. Not only you can play the existing levels of the game developed by the official authors, but also every user has a chance to create his or her own riding environment! Just register an account and try yourself as a level-designer! The developers list the best 100 levels on the website, so in case your creation appears in there, thousands of players will see and play it! The list changes all the time and you can browse it whenever you want to see the real masterpieces of the gamers from all over the world. Due to this cool feature, the user-generated content of the game is truly endless!

Choose your destiny!

The slogan of this game is pretty encouraging and sounds like: “Choose the mad driver, join him in the race, and ignore all the consequences and challenges that are waiting for you on the road. Get the victory no matter what and forget about everything else, even your safety!” Indeed, the game is pretty extreme, and even though you need to survive till the end, some levels are impossible to accomplish without allowing yourself to get a bit crazy. At the very beginning of the game, you may choose the character that will support you during the race. The further mechanics of the gameplay will heavily depend on the driver you choose! The level’s structure will also influence the gameplay, so be careful and ready for everything!

Get ready for a really tough game

The car trip waiting for you in Happy wheels is going to be more than tough. You have all chances to die on the way! Characters get into different troubles on the road and they can lose their limbs – legs, hands, etc. Also, they can also lose their heads! No, literally. You can get your head cut off and then the game will end, because you will die. So be careful! When you lose legs and hands, you can still move on, but the movement and controls become more challenging – you cannot use your abilities to the fullest. The transportation means can be different and you are free to choose the one that you like. Be mindful – every vehicle has its own properties!