Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Games

Always wanted to become a glorified army leader, but wasn’t ready to face all the responsibility and graveness of this position? You can forget the word “serous” when it comes to TABS! Get ready to strap in for the wildest, wackiest, and absolutely epic gaming experience that’s like tossing strategy and logic out the window and embracing pure, glorious madness!

Truly epic absurdity!

In TABS, you’re the mastermind behind epic battles, but here’s the twist – your units? They’re not exactly the sharpest swords in the armory. In fact, they’re like a bunch of goofy, wobbly ragdolls who couldn’t follow a battle plan if it danced in front of them wearing a tutu. And guess what? That’s exactly what makes TABS so bonkers and utterly fantastic!

So, you start with a blank battlefield canvas and a budget. Your mission? Fill the battlefield with units that range from sword-wielding knights to ridiculously overpowered chicken men. You’ve got everything from Vikings to samurais, and even creatures from mythical realms. It’s like a battle of history and fantasy, with the added twist of “what on earth is happening?!”

One rag of an army

Once you’ve placed your ragtag army of misfits, you hit that “Start” button, and the chaos begins. Units charge forward, swinging their weapons and colliding like a pack of unruly kids in a school hall. And the outcome is totally unpredictable… accurate, that’s what we meant, totally accurate!

You could have a squad of farmers defeat an army of ninjas or watch a super-powered mammoth get taken down by a horde of sneezing units. It’s like the most chaotic game of rock-paper-scissors ever played on a digital battlefield!

Side-splitting battle experience!

And let’s talk maps! From medieval castles to ancient battlegrounds and even outer space (yes, your ragdoll units can battle it out on the moon), the settings are so varied you’ll never get tired of it. The graphics are hilariously simple and totally absurd! TABS is like playing inside a cartoon where everything’s exaggerated, wobbly, and outrageously entertaining.

So, fellow chaos commanders, are you ready to embrace the wackiness, strategize like a mad genius, and create battles that defy logic and reason? Let’s dive into the battlefield of absurdity, march our ragdoll troops to glory (or hilarity), and prove that in the world of TABS, chaos reigns supreme! Charge forward, you wild warriors!