Most mobile game fans believe that any game that can be launched on your iPhone can also be played on your iPad. Till the recent time, everything was exactly like this. There was no particular difference between apps that suit both types of devices. Maybe, the only difference was actually the size of your screen – some games are best when they are played on a larger one, while the others are not very determined by this point. However, Apple continues to produce new types of devices and today the line between tablets and phones become more and more obvious. In today’s game market, you can find some titles that can be played on iPad only. This means that you cannot just launch them from your phone – the technical characteristics vary too much. The screen expansions are more and more advanced now, so it is crucial to distinguish one type of games from another. To free you from worries and endless search, we have collected a list of cool titles that can be played on your iPad.
Are you ready to play on your tablet all day long? Then you have to check this section of our resource – the titles posted here will keep you entertained whether you are at home, lying on your sofa, or in a bus, making your way to work or college. All of them are free to play, so you can enjoy them endlessly without a necessity to pay even a single dollar. We have uploaded only the best and most popular games for you, so good time and tons of fun guaranteed! In this section, you will have access to a variety of genres, so no matter what preferences you have and how exactly you prefer to spend your free time, we bet that you will find a tone of cool games to try. Here you will find puzzle games, thousands of them! We know that you like solving intellectual tasks, combining letters to form the words, and play balls to make the roll correctly and reach the finish. Also, you will find a number of adventure games – arcades and shooters will bring you to different fantastic worlds, where you will try yourself as a soldier, knight, hero, and investigator. We also have painting titles for those creative people who cannot spend a day without drawing something. Horrors are also included, so get ready to feel your blood chilled when playing another zombie-story!
No matter what genre and playing style you prefer, you should browse this section and you will definitely find a game to your liking. Try them all! You can choose the one you already know, but don’t be shy to pick something new and awesome! By the way, just to let you know, we post new games on the regular basis. So if you will open this website at least once a week, you have all chances to get new titles! Be the first one to try them out! Happy playing!