Have you ever wanted to create your own character of the game, cartoon, or manga? Well, dreams come true today, because we have a pretty extensive list of the coolest creative titles ever. Here you will find customization opportunities of all kinds! Some of the titles uploaded to this section allow you to create a character from the ground up. This means that you are the one to invent a hero or heroine and implement your amazing idea in life. The others are based on the existing fandoms, which means that real fans have a chance to create and change already existing characters! Both are awesome!

Who will definitely adore these games?

You might be thinking that character creation is something similar to dress up games, that is why only girls prefer this entertainment. However, this is not true! Characters creation is for everyone, who has rich imagination and real passion for art-related activities. Girls, boys, future game designers, and young illustrators will find these titles more than just entertaining, but also useful and brain-building! Try them all out and see it yourself. These games will boost your imagination, allow you to experiment with different visual styles and combinations, and learn you how to make a character express something you need him/her to express. For example, you will find out how to make his/her clothes show the traits of the character and mood! Turn your fantasy on and get ready for bright and incredible journey!

What are the best creation games we have for you?

Are you looking for the largest collection of free games that allow you to make up heroes? Congratulations then, because you have already found one. Enjoy the following hits of the genre:
• Kawaii Chibi Creator
All anime fans, hurry up to play this extremely adorable title. Here you will make up bright-eyed and absolutely cute chibi-characters! Kawaii!
• Shimmer and Shine Creation Game
The famous series are now closer than ever! Make your own heroes in the style of Shimmer and Shine! Enjoy the magic!
• Monster Creator Game
One of the most stylish and enjoyable creators you have ever seen! Here you will make monsters, which is amazing, because there are so many different types of such creatures! They can look any way you want. Try yourself as a real monster-creator.
• ThunderCats Roar Creator
This is your chance to create a couple of character that would fit the universe of ThunderCats! Amazing creative options are waiting for you here! Follow the cannons and don’t forget to put in your two pennyworth!
Choose any of the games from the list and browse our site for more incredible entertainments! They are all free and accessible online.