Are you an avid chess player? Do you enjoy a good match and the delight of using your logic? Then join these great games that will allow you to play online with your friends as well as random people! It’s much more exciting than competing against the AI, despite the fact that computers have become subtler in their adjusting to the player’s level and you can choose the degree of difficulty that suits your skills. A live match will give you more emotions and intellectual pleasure! So, let’s begin?

History and rules

The game of chess originated over 2000 years ago in India. Of course, on a long journey, it had to undergo a number of changes, but it has withstood everything and, today, is legally considered an official sport.

As for the rules, there are many interesting points to note here. To begin with, a chess game is played between two opponents. Sportsmen, pondering their moves, alternately move chess pieces across the board, trying to achieve the best position, beat as many enemy pieces as possible, and checkmate the enemy king. Whoever plays for “white” goes first. You can move the pieces with only one hand.

Usually, chess is played by the clock. That is, for a certain period of time, the player must make a move, and then press the button on the clock, thereby notifying everyone that he has finished. The winner of a chess game is considered to be the athlete who managed to “checkmate” the enemy king with the help of his chess pieces. Also, victory is awarded to one of the players when the other says that he surrenders.

It is not necessary for a chess match to end in someone’s victory, it can also end in a draw. For instance, when it’s a pat – the enemy king has no available moves and at the same time is not in check. There is also a dead position when both players have no way to mate the enemy king. By agreement of both parties, a draw can also be declared.

Play online with friends!

The best thing about these chess games is that you can enjoy them together with your friends. For that, you only need to invite them over the web and they will join the match. You will be able to choose one of the modes, including that where the time for each move is limited and that where you have unlimited time to think over your tactics. It’s not only a great leisure, but also an intellectual workout. Plunge into the amazing world of chess and have fun in a good company without having to gather over a chessboard!