We all get tired sometimes. Especially from constant pressure on our brain and necessity to show intelligence and ingenuity every day. Our intellectual sphere needs full-fledged rest, too. And simple yet fascinating match 3 games are a great way to provide it! They may seem primitive and pointless to some people, but bright colors, cute images and active finger work perform a relaxing function and after some time you feel a bit better. That’s why this genre is so popular among office workers and students! If you are looking for an unpretentious and enjoyable pastime, this is just what you need!

Build lines, gain points!

Three-in-a-row games are a simple and extremely exciting entertainment where you need to build a set of three or more elements that are exactly the same. It can be anything you can think of – colored balls, gems, fruits and candies, ancient runes, sea shells and fishes… The design is a matter of taste, the main thing is the gameplay! On the screen you will see a space totally filled with such tiles. Each of them is placed in a separate cell, so you won’t have any trouble figuring out how to move the chips. You can switch the tiles that are located next to each other to form vertical and horizontal lines. The group of items you created will instantly disappear giving you a certain number of points and clearing some room that will be filled with other chips dropping from above. The game continues until you gain a specific score or the chips end. Each level is more complicated than the previous, so don’t hope you’ll breeze through it just like that!

Choose your theme or story!

Most of the time, match 3 games have some background story or concept. For instance, there are parts of a magical artifact hidden between the pieces of the puzzle and you need to collect them to restore the relic. Or you can travel through different biomes, see the animals living there and spend the points earned to furnish a comfortable, super modern and beautiful zoo for them. In a similar way, you can run a candy factory, fly through space or explore the bottom of the ocean. There are all possible scenarios in our collection and you only have to choose what you like best! In any case, you are guaranteed a fun time and a certain challenge because moving all the tiles the right way requires some skills. Discover the vibrant world of match 3 games online, forget about all your worries and recharge your brain to stay well-rested and happy!