New Year is the holiday everyone is looking forward to. Whether you’re a little kid or grownup, you surely enjoy this amazing holiday. On New Year’s Eve we all expect for something magical and unusual to happen. After all, it so much fun – getting ready for the big night, giving and receiving presents, sitting cozily at the festive table with your family or partying loud with your friends. And when the clock strikes twelve, millions of people all over the country wish each other a happy New Year. This is exactly what our marvelous games from this section are dedicated to! Play them, you will feel the elated atmosphere of the holiday and indulge in traditional activities associated with it. There is a wide number of virtual entertainments to choose from and you will easily find something to your one taste. With the help of our Happy New Year games, you will not only rise your mood, but also prepare for the main night in the calendar!

Celebrate New Year online!

Online games about New Year are always to the point regardless of the season behind the window. Even in summer, when the sun is shining brightly over a crowded beach, you sometimes have a desire to play snowballs with your friends to cool down a bit. It’s possible here! Divide into teams, build a fortress and start a real war! Rolling down the hill on a sledge – what can be more fascinating? And the virtual New Year will give you a fairy tale holiday already now allowing you to hang up winter decorations, paint the windows with snowflakes, prepare delicious dishes, create a wonderful costume and get your house ready for the advent of the amazing holiday.

Great mood and festive atmosphere in a few clicks!

These games are not only fun and exciting, but also useful. They will tell you how to decorate a Christmas tree, how to cook traditional meals and serve them nicely on the table. Girls will be able to experiment with festive accessories and hairdos. After all, it’s important to look especially lovely on a night like that and it’s better to test your ideas on the computer screen first. And boys will have a chance to spend a few hours in a thrilling snowball fight, racing through snow and ice on motorbikes and ATVs or helping Santa Clause deliver the gifts to the right addresses. There is a suitable activity for anyone! Play our Happy New Year games online and feel the magnificent spirit of everyone’s favorite holiday hovering in the air!