Games are always fun. Whether you play them alone or against a computer, you will definitely have a good time. However, what makes playing experience even more amazing is an opportunity to share it with someone else. Not a bot, but a real person! What is even more amazing is that some titles allow you to call more than one friend of yours. Three-players game will surely make your next party incredible. Check the list of the best titles for a group we have uploaded for you. Playing them, you can take part in a great adventure, wandering with your friends in some distant fairy-tale and fantastic worlds.

Cooperative titles will encourage you and your buddies invent ways to overcome difficulties and challenges uniting your powers and applying your skills wisely. The missions you will have could be completed only if you can manage to be a real team, strong and courageous. Also, you can check some other genres, like survivals, where your aim will be to save your team from death in some catastrophic conditions. This might be a post-apocalyptic city or a town invaded by zombies/aliens. In such games, players usually divide duties among each other for better results. For instance, one of you can become a warrior and defender, who keeps the monsters away from the base. The other member of the group can be a healer, the one, who treats the wounds of the warriors and gatherers. In turn, gatherers will leave the base in a dangerous trip across the map to find some resources and improve your base.

Not only you will act as a single team that has one aim when checking the multiplayer titles. Also, you may choose something completely different, but no less amazing. This might be competitive titles and the range of them is almost endless. When playing with two of your buddies, you can compete against each other or join a server of an online game and fight with other players, who also come. Competitions can be very different. Some of them are all about surviving yourself and defeating the others. These are shooting and other battle titles. The others will encourage you to take part in a sports match, like football, basketball, or even racing. The strongest, fastest, and most attentive of you will surely win the battle! So check this section and have a really great time in a company of your fellows! All the games located on this page are free. Also, remember that you can come back for more with time, because we track the new titles that appear on the market and upload them specially for you.