No one knows what exactly the phenomenon of horror films is and why people love to scare themselves so much, watching a terrible ghost chasing a helpless child or a crazy maniac chopping someone’s body. But they have become an important part of popular culture, and perhaps you too are their fan. If so, this category of our site is for you! Here you will find the newest, most terrible horror games to tickle your nerves.

Hundreds of creepy stories to every taste

The variety of online horror games is simply huge today. This is a whole genre, which is characterized by the escalation of the atmosphere of anxiety and fear. It is not so important which events are taking place – the main thing is that the hero is in danger and must avoid it. Although in some games you will be asked to play for the antagonist – that is, to find and kill your victim. There are also multiplayer horror games, where one of the participants is a maniac, but the rest don’t know who it is. Their goal is to figure out the enemy and stay alive. Well, yours is to remain undisclosed and gradually lure other players into ingenious traps.

Choosing a horror game to your liking, you can stop your attention on those of them that correspond to your interests. Psychological thrillers, escape room and survival games, shooters and slashers – you have a multitude of options. In some of them action prevails, and sometimes the game is based on an element of suspense. But be that as it may, fights often recede into the background, and the player must learn to survive, sneak and destroy enemies using elements of the environment against them.

Run away from monsters and uncover mysteries!

What terrible adventures await you on our site? You will run away and hide from bloody maniacs and paranormal creatures, go on mystical expeditions and survive in a parallel world full of terrible demons. For this you will need an excellent reaction, extreme caution and remarkable ingenuity. You will have to explore locations in search of various objects and hints that can help you achieve your goal. In the process, you can find out a lot of interesting things about the place you are in and about your opponents. Perhaps this will help you fight them better and increase your odds against them. Maybe you will even save other innocent lives! The story has plenty of sudden twists to keep you in tension. Visit our site, choose any of a dozen horror games and plunge into a sea of adrenaline and suspense!