Have you already tried a thrilling survival game called Raft? Here the players will have to face a highly difficult task – to avoid dying not in the forest, tundra or on the deserted island, but in the midst of the stormy ocean clinging to a tiny raft. The amount of resources is restricted, and your levels of hunger and thirst keep increasing. Even more, predators are swimming around. You need to craft all the objects that you require to stay alive, and then use them to expand your refuge. When you do that, you can even prosper in a dangerous marine environment!

Alone at sea

At the very start, the main hero finds himself on a small wooden board – the only complete structure that was left after the recent disaster. You can die of cold and hunger, so your first goal is to build a more thermal structure on the water, since the land is not visible and, most likely, it will never be possible to see. Your main occupation is collecting resources that remained after the sunken ship. They can be discovered in the surrounding waters, for some you will have to dive deep. In order to collect the necessary materials or food (barrel, board, plants, etc.), you need to rely only on your own strength. Certain things are obtained with your own hands, while for others you should use a hook with a rope, which you have in your inventory from the very beginning.

Craft, fight for your life, try to survive!

In Raft games, you will often create objects, so you should immediately remember how to do this. In the special menu on the left, you will find options that allow you to craft just about anything you need to survive. For instance, select the item “Water Purifier”, all the materials required for it and click the “craft” button. There you go, another cool thing to install aboard!

There are a lot of other perils in the sea – hunger and dehydration are not the only problems that can be faced in the game. Marine predators pursue only one goal – to feast on you. The only salvation is your raft, as the shark can’t reach you on it. But things are not as good as they seem. The shark will constantly and systematically attack your new home. All buildings can be destroyed in a matter of minutes, so you need to protect yourself from the enemy. Every time a shark makes an attack on your raft, you need to drive it away with a self-made weapon in order to leave your home intact. Try and see if you can handle all the challenges of Raft games.