Purble Place is a colorful and fun game for kids consisting mainly of various puzzles that will be exciting to solve for little players. However, their parens and older siblings will surely also find this game rather entertaining. Prepare for a journey to a colorful world of riddles some of which may turn out to be trickier than you expected!

Fascinating puzzles for kids and not only!

Once you launch Purble Place, you’ll be greeted with a vibrant and cute interface. The game abounds in happy colors and has cheerful sounds that kids love so much. In the main menu, you can choose a task you want to deal with today. There are several of them to pick from, depending on your mood and preferences. All of them are meant to help the little ones develop basic skills – focus, visual memory, logic and creativity. The gameplay and controls are as simple and intuitive as it gets, so even the youngest players will have no difficulty figuring out what to do.

Solving riddles is not just for the sake of the very process – you’ll be able to gain points, set records and compare your results throughout the entire time of playing. A sense of achievement will surely motivate the little audience to keep spending their leisure in Purble Place not only having fun, but also learning in the process. And that’s one of the things we all want for the games our kids play, isn’t it?

Mahjong solving, cake making and face building!

So what kind of puzzles are waiting for children here? Pick any. Are you up for classic mahjong where you have to memorize the position of the pictures on the screen and then open them up searching for identical ones? Every time you find a pair, it will disappear from the board. But try to be precise and don’t make too many mistakes – the number of attempts you have to finish the level is limited!

Another great game is making cakes that consists of several layers. Each of the layers has a certain color and texture, and you have to construct your confections based on it. What starts as simple doughnuts will eventually turn into multistory masterpieces of dessert-making! And finally, you can unleash your imagination and even goof around putting together human faces from various pieces, either trying to guess which ones belong together or going crazy and concocting the most unbelievable faces ever seen. Start playing Purble Place right now and let it become the favorite game of your whole family!