Death by AI

Game description:

Death by AI immerses players in a dystopian future where artificial intelligence has evolved beyond human control and now dictates the very terms of survival. In this online multiplayer game, players must navigate a series of AI-generated scenarios that test their decision-making skills, strategic thinking, and moral judgments. Each choice could either fortify their alliance with AI or bring them closer to their digital demise. As players progress, the AI’s responses and the consequences of each decision become increasingly complex, reflecting the unpredictable nature of interacting with a system that does not possess human emotions or ethics.

Interactive Survival Challenges

The game supports 1 to 10 players, making it a versatile platform for engaging with friends, family, or coworkers across mobile and web interfaces. Death by AI offers over 50 free survival scenarios, each presenting unique challenges and requiring players to critically assess the best course of action. The AI in the game generates limitless outcomes based on player choices, ensuring no two games are alike and providing a rich, replayable experience. A lobby feature also allows players to socialize and strategize before entering the game world, enhancing the community aspect of the game and setting the stage for cooperative or competitive play.