Dead Plate

Game description:

Dead Plate offers a unique fusion of genres, setting players in the role of Rody, a vivacious waiter working in a prestigious 1960s French bistro. This 2D RPG cleverly integrates horror elements within the framework of a restaurant simulation, where the objective is to amass as much money as possible within a week. As players guide Rody through his shifts, they are immersed in a gameplay that marries visual novel storytelling with point-and-click mechanics, revealing layers of the bistro’s opulent facade as they interact with patrons and navigate the intricacies of fine dining service.

Intrigue and Strategy Amidst Shadows

As the days progress, the game deepens the narrative intrigue around Vince, the bistro’s charismatic chef whose past and ambitions are shrouded in mystery. Players must balance the rigorous demands of managing restaurant operations—taking orders, serving guests, and optimizing workflow—with uncovering the eerie truths that linger behind the kitchen’s doors. Each decision impacts Rody’s financial success and unravels part of the unfolding story, where choices lead to different paths and endings. In Dead Plate, the horror elements subtly infuse the gameplay, as unsettling occurrences and peculiar interactions with Vince and other characters hint at a sinister backstory, adding a layer of suspense and urgency to the restaurant’s daily hustle.