FNF Character Test Playground Remake 5

Game description:

We are used that Friday Night Funkin is all about music. But who makes that music? That’s right, our favorite characters! And this great game is dedicated to them. Here you can interact with the original heroes from the famous rhythm-based arcade, as well as those from the modified versions. It’s going to be a great experience that will allow you to enjoy FNF on a whole new level!

So what this game is really about? There is a special editor where you can get to know the available characters a little better and also customize their looks. Each of these guys (and girls) has their own dialogues and sounds that they produce during their performances. They also have their own unique songs, and you can hear them at once by clicking on the hero of your choice.

In FNF Character Test Playground REMAKE 5 you have a chance to meet the heroes you already know from the many mods of the game. The two that instantly come to mind are of course Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but how about their rivals? You’ll be able to expand your knowledge of Girlfriend’s demonic parents, Pico, Senpai, Imposter from Among Us and other opponents you have encountered playing the numerous versions of Friday Night Funkin. You’ll definitely enjoy testing all these characters, so why don’t you start doing it right now? You will have a great time playing this game and you will surely get positive emotions from every minute of it!