Lethal Company

Game description:

It is a new horror adventure that is designed for four players. The story is in sci-fi genre. So, you represent a worker of the company that buys scraps. You will have to collect this scrap on other planets. It may seem a routine task, however, this is only your first impression. The planets you are going to visit are full of terrible creatures. And these ugly opponents will recognize you as their enemies. So they will immediately try to attack and kill you! Now it depends on your skills whether you will remain alive and achieve your target.

Join forces with friends!

You are to visit an abandoned planet and explore the bases there to collect scrap. For every mission, you have 5 days only. During this time, you must accumulate the required amount of scraps. If you fail to perform accordingly, the airlock of your vehicle will open, and you will all die. On every planet, there’s a big bunker filled with random stuff. Your main job is to find things made of metal because they will bring you money. But here is the main challenge: these bunkers are really dark, and they have strange and dangerous creatures, plus traps that can be deadly. Will you manage to successfully avoid all dangers and complete each mission?