Game description:

In Gimmick, players find themselves in the shoes of David, who stumbles upon a seemingly straightforward job opportunity: transferring data using floppy disks. As simple as the task sounds, the game quickly unfolds into an experience filled with uncertainty and intrigue. As David delves deeper into his job, the reality of what he is part of begins to unravel. The question soon arises: What more is there to this eerie office than just data transfer?

Exploring the Spooky Setting

Gimmick is designed to pull players into a spine-tingling atmosphere that lasts an average of 8-10 minutes per playthrough. This brief but impactful game is carefully crafted to immerse players in its environment, making each minute dense with tension and potential discovery. The game boasts three different endings, each revealing a unique outcome based on the choices and actions taken by the player. This element of choice injects a dose of replayability that encourages players to explore every corner of the game’s narrative.

Behind the Scenes and Gameplay Mechanics

The development of Gimmick was a journey of revival and completion for its creator, who initially shelved the project unsure of its direction. Encouragement from the gaming community breathed new life into the development, culminating in the game’s eerie yet captivating final form. Players navigate the game using WASD for movement, the left mouse button for interactions, and the right mouse button to cancel interactions. The TAB key allows players to check for tasks, integrating these simple controls into a seamless gameplay experience. This setup not only enhances player engagement but also keeps them deeply involved in the unfolding mystery of David’s job.