Glass Of Water

Game description:

In Glass of Water, players find themselves in the seemingly mundane scenario of needing to get a glass of water—a straightforward task complicated by the game’s horror elements. Developed in just one day, this short horror game transforms an ordinary nightly routine into a tense and eerie experience. With a playtime ranging from three to eight minutes, the game is designed to deliver quick, intense bursts of fright, leveraging its simplicity to create a densely atmospheric environment. As players navigate through dimly lit rooms, the ordinary goal becomes an ordeal as the unsettling ambiance intensifies.

Gameplay and Interaction

Using basic controls—WASD for movement, ‘E’ to interact, left shift to run, and ‘F’ to toggle the flashlight—players explore their surroundings in search of that elusive glass of water. The gameplay is punctuated by loud noises and sudden jump scares that challenge the nerves of even the most seasoned horror enthusiasts. While the game warns players of its potential to startle and disturb, it also encourages feedback on any bugs, reminding players of its rapid development timeline. This blend of simple controls and straightforward objectives, combined with a hair-raising atmosphere, makes Glass of Water a memorable foray into the horror genre, notable for its effective use of basic gameplay elements to evoke a strong emotional response.