Limb From Limb

Game description:

Limb From Limb introduces a macabre twist to the card game genre, where players battle against the ominous Patient Zero in a high-stakes game of chance. Each round of this card roulette involves drawing from a deck of 52 cards, where the stakes are unusually high—players risk their fingers with each draw. The game blends horror with strategy, forcing players to weigh each card draw against the potential loss it brings.

Navigate the Hospital’s Hazardous Halls

Beyond the card table, the game shifts to a board game format where players navigate through a randomized hospital setting, each move dictated by strategic choices and the roll of dice. The hospital is filled with a series of unpredictable events and challenges that simulate the chaotic and dangerous environment of a medical experiment gone awry. Players must choose their paths carefully, with each decision influencing their ability to survive and escape the clutches of the experimental program orchestrated by the mysterious Raymond Mitchell Association.

Collecting Critical Resources

As players traverse the hospital, they encounter opportunities to collect one of ten unique items, each designed with distinct abilities that significantly impact gameplay. These items range from beneficial tools to potentially perilous artifacts, each adding a layer of depth to the game’s strategy. Choosing the right items for each encounter is crucial, as each used item is permanently removed from play, demanding players be as tactical about their resources as they are about their limbs.