Hello Guest Update

Game description:

The horror game of a new century is here! Welcome to Hello Guest, namely – the updated version of the game, where the main enemy is even more advanced and your interactions are creepier than ever. This is an amazing thriller where you play for guy left in an amusement park for a night. When you agreed for this job, you never thought that something like that is waiting for you. Your main duty has always been to check the area and mostly – the further locations, where the vandals and villains might be hiding. They really like spoiling things, but in most cases, they are not dangerous. You simply appear and show that you are there and they run away. Nobody wants troubles with the guardians!
However, this night is unique. You will meet someone (or something) out of this world. This is not a pack of nasty teenagers that are drawing graffiti on the wall. No, you will stumble at a truly horrible creature from the darkness. This is Guest, a monster who learns from your actions, because he is controlled by an artificial intelligence. The park is abandoned, but this guy is not going anywhere. Watch your back – Guest moves fast and quietly. He will attack from behind, so keep your eyes widely open. The darkest places are his favorite – he is afraid of the light. Mind that. Hide from Guest when you feel or hear that he is somewhere near and try not to go too far from the safe areas if possible. Remember that you are always in danger and he is watching you all the time.