Hello Guest

Game description:

The job of a guard can be dangerous and tough – if you work at a jewelry store or prison. But what can possibly happen to you during a night shift at an amusement park? There is nothing to steal here and nobody to be afraid of, expect for mischievous teenagers breaking in to take a ride without a ticket and harmless pranksters that can cause quite a lot of mess, but hardly pose any threat. That’s what our character was thinking when he got hired as a night guard at ‘Golden Apple’, a famous joy ride park visited by everyone in the neighborhood. Until this night, your responsibilities were limited to patrolling the territory with a flashlight once in a while to make sure nobody is trespassing. You don’t every carry your gun with you because this is a quiet and calm place!

But this evening something changed. Something horrible found its way to the area and is now hunting you. At first, it was just a vague feeling of being watched and pursued. Nothing special, just a few strange things you noticed. But since nothing was happening, you thought you were simply tired and didn’t pay any attention to the weird noises and creepy shadows following you. Still, you started feeling uneasy and the level of tension was rising making you shudder at every sound.

Then you actually saw it – a bizarre-looking creature, something like a bird, but way bigger. Your hand clenched the flashlight tighter as you discovered the tracks of its activity! It appeared the monster or whatever it was had enough power to turn over the trash cans and break some of the stuff. You don’t know why it is here and what it wants, but you can only hope it’s not your blood! Luckily, you figured out that the creature is afraid of light. That means you can keep it at a safe distance by illuminating it with your flashlight and scaring it off when the situation gets critical.

Beware of dark corners and unlit tunnels! The batteries inside your only weapon can run low any minute and then you’ll stay defenseless against the unknown being that is after you. Can you survive in the park until morning? And most importantly, will you be able to find out who you are up against? Play Hello Guest and see if you can answer these questions!