Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1

Game description:

The open world is something incredible for a horror game, especially that advanced and well-thought as Hello Neighbor! Here comes the second part of this amazing story, where you will enter the house of a suspicious man next door once again. All the previous times were incredibly dangerous and had to struggle for your life and do everything not to get noticed by this beast in the body of a human. However, after the most horrible events of the previous chapters ended, you have noticed something even stranger. Your neighbor is missing and you didn’t see him for a pretty long time. What does it mean? Maybe, he has moved to another place, where nobody will bother him? Or is he in danger? Did something bad happened? Well, you will never know until you will try to find out all the details. Following your best tradition, you decide to enter this creepy dwelling for another time.
When you start your investigation, looking for Mr. Peterson (your neighbor), you realize that something is happening here. You cannot tell for sure, but it seems like someone is here and this someone is following you. Is that your neighbor, chasing you again? Or maybe something even more dangerous? Suggestions go on. If this is not him, then maybe it is a strange entity, demon, monster, or a maniac that reached Peterson? Who knows, but very soon you will feel that the presence of this something or someone is real and this thing is watching you and following your every step. The trick is that the thing predicts your moves. Did you enter this door before? Get ready that will be waiting for you right at this spot next time. Yes, the creature is controlled by the artificial intelligence, which makes it extremely dangerous and smart. Your every step becomes clear to him and he will learn your decisions, predicting them even earlier than you do something. He will look for the new ways to find you and attack you. When the attack happens, you are most likely to die from fear – there is no such person on this planet who would handle something as terrifying as that. He will learn from you and mirror your successful decisions, so defeating him is almost impossible – the strategies of this creature are flawless and he is invisible.
The enemy has a schedule, so you can learn from his actions as well. He sleeps, eats, cooks, and sometimes leaves the house to… do something horrible, of course. You have noticed that he goes to the forest and buries something there. Very suspicious! We bet that you don’t want to become his next victim and appear among those poor things he puts in the holes and hides under a thick layer of ground. Do your best to get away from here alive and find out what your enemy is hiding without getting into his paws.