Hello Neighbor 2 Hello Guest

Game description:

Your freaky neighbor has already uncovered himself – he is a murderer and maniac! And you do know about that, because you have been to his house already. In the first part, you entered the neighbor’s place to prove that he really is guilty for numerous crimes. However, if you though that he will stop doing what he used to now, you were wrong. He is back! And there are new people and namely – kids (like you) that will become his victims soon. Unless you will stop him, of course! And you definitely need a plan to do it. Appear in the house of your enemy again and try to stop him.
In this part, you will learn more about the person that hides under the mask of a killing neighbor. He is a human being, after all. And he became someone he is not because of a good life. Unfortunately, there is a shadow of pain and tragedy on his heart, which doesn’t justify his deeds, but at least you will learn more about human nature after visiting his house again. If you will do everything correctly and accurately, the neighbor won’t catch you and you will have a chance to run away and to uncover his crimes. Let the justice take over this horrible situation and good luck. Remember that there are traps in the neighbor’s house, so be careful and hide whenever he tries to reach you. Be quite and fast!