Only Up

Game description:

This incredible game was released only a few months ago, but it managed to become extremely popular. In the story you assume the role of a teenager named Jackie. He lives in the terrible ghetto and dreams to escape from there. And one day, his surrounding starts to change – all objects and buildings begin to deform and twist beyond recognition. Things start to move up. This is a chance for the hero to run away from his world. But he also can move only upward, and you must help him in it. The task is going to be tricky, but do not give up too soon!

Rise above the clouds!

For moving up, you will have to use various platforms and structures. You are free to utilize absolutely everything that will help you progress – paths, steps, statues, and objects alike. This is actually your main objective to rise above the clouds. So you need to consider everything that can support you on the way! But you also need to know what will happen if you make a mistake. If you make a wrong move, your character will fall down, and you will have to start all over again. This short adventure will require enough agility and determination. Lots of players have already successfully coped with the challenge. Now it is your turn to prove you can do it just right!