Game description:

We know very little about the life of worms because they are so small and spend most of their time underground. WormsZone.io will give you a glimpse into their dangerous and challenging existence! You are going to become a baby worm who just came into the world and has to survive here somehow. Right now you’re just a miniature blob hardly much bigger than the dots you have to collect around the arena to eat and grow. This will be your main task for the beginning. Before you become big and powerful enough to fight other creatures prowling around, you need to take good care of your nutrition. See those colorful sphere scattered all over the map? Go for them and accumulate as many points as possible! That will increase your level along with your size. And that’s where the real fun begins!

Eat, grow and fight!

WormsZone.io is an arcade where you need to grow as much as possible to be capable of fighting other worms. Basically, the larger you are the more chances you have of surviving through the battle and bringing your opponent down. However, gaining too much length also comes with a trick – bumping into anything, including your own body means certain death here. So watch your way when you become long enough otherwise a cunning opponent might fool you into colliding with your own tail. Actually, this is also the tactic you can use against your own enemies if they exceed you in size. Collision doesn’t necessarily have to occur this way – you can lure the rival to the edge of the map or simply speed up and cross their path unexpectedly. Once dead, a worm falls apart into all the dots he has swallowed during his life. You can collect them and gain a few upgrades in a row. Just remember that there are plenty of enemies out there waiting for a chance to have you for dinner, so you’ll never safe!

Cool boosters, three modes!

To make the gameplay more dynamic and give you more chances to win even in a hopeless fight, developers have prepared various boosters you can use to amplify your abilities. The easiest feature you can take advantage of is acceleration. It allows you to move at a tremendous speed for a little while which can be useful to overcome a distance and get to another bunch of delicious food faster than your opponents. But note that you’ll lose some of your weight during it, so it’s wise to only resort to it in critical situations. There are several modes for you to try, each offering unique challenges. Enjoy WormsZone.io online and try to become the biggest worm in the arena!