Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 2

Game description:

Your new neighbor looks like a very intelligent Englishman. He is well-dressed, handsome, and very charismatic. There is a spark in his eyes and you think that such a bright person might be very interesting. However, one fine day, you suddenly see him leaving the house and hiding something in a basement. Something large and supposedly… someone alive. This is a horrible event, you think. Being not very sure that your eyes didn’t lie to you, start your investigation and find out everything about your neighbor in this horror game. Enter his house, find out who he really is, do your best to avoid his traps, and try not to get caught if you can. The basement is not empty for sure and your last destination is that place. Maybe, you will find the victims and save them before neighbor kills these poor things?
He is smart, your first impression was right. The house is filled with traps and cameras – he is watching you no matter where you go. He will see your routes and prevent you from going to the places he doesn’t want to show you. Want to enter that room? Oh, he knows that you have been looking that entrance regarding your previous decisions. Now he puts a trap there and you will have to invent the way to avoid it. He will go after you all the time and try to catch you – be careful. If you have used the same entrance or tool more than once, be ready that he will block that. Find new efficient way to complete your plans and make sure that the neighbor doesn’t see you. The game includes cool physics, sand-box elements, and numerous interactive elements of the environment. It is very bright and lively. Each player will have his personal story with the neighbor because the plot is open and free. Try the game right now and see if you can deal with that horrible guy! The game is pretty challenging and the neighbor learns new tricks and ways to stop you all the time! Be ready for everything and enjoy the most advanced and realistic horror-antagonist of all times! Meet the neighbor now!