Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Game title: Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek
Game description:

In a Hello Neighbor game, you meet a strange man who lives in the hues near you. You believe that he is a maniac or a psycho (and maybe he really is), but do you want to know the story of his life? Actually, every psycho has a story to share and sometimes these stories are dramatic. If you do want to learn about your neighbor and his secrets, you should try playing Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek. This is a previous part of the story that tells you about the life of your neighbor, who has a family – a young wife and a couple of adorable children. You will play for one of these kids. Siblings love solving puzzles and playing hide and seek. Their games are extremely cute and their imagination acts just like real magic. There is nothing frightening in this prequel and it has another atmosphere than all the parts of Hello Neighbor you already know. On fact, this is not a horror game at all, but rather a puzzle-game. You will discover the world from a perspective of a child see the life of your neighbor from within.