Secret Neighbor

Game description:

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer game where you need to run away from a locked house avoiding the maniac. The roles are distributed randomly, one of the six participants becomes the killer and the rest need to find a way out of the building without getting killed. Get ready to solve a variety of puzzles, search for items and of course stay on the alert!

The rules of the game are nothing complicated: six kids have sneaked into the mansion of the freaky neighbor whom they suspect to be a serial killer, and they need to find evidence and leave without being murdered. However, the problem is that one of the children is exactly the same Neighbor who opened his hunt for the impudent people who have penetrated into his possessions.

Before the start of the match, all players choose characters, of which there are only six. Plus two options for the Neighbor. Each hero has a unique ability: for instance, the leader can speed up all the kids in a certain range around him for some time, and the scout is armed with a slingshot that can fend off the foe. The maniac, in turn, not only possesses great strength, but is also capable of setting traps, disguising himself as one of the children, throwing smoke bombs – in general, harm the bad guys in every possible way.

The game location is a huge multi-storey building with many locked doors, inconspicuous rooms and hiding places. The main goal of the kids is the basement door hung with six locks, and in order to open it, they will have to carefully examine the entire mansion. The location of the keys is randomly generated, so you need to look into every drawer and cabinet. In the first match it seems like an impossible task, but considering that the mansion always remains unchanged, you will gradually remember the plans of all floors and be able to navigate without any problems. Start playing Secret Neighbor right now, enjoy the thrilling emotions, show good teamwork with the rest of the players and see if you can cope with your difficult and fascinating mission!