Sonic.Exe The Disaster 2D Remake

Game description:

Welcome to a cool remake of Sonic.Exe adventures. You may have tried the original entertainment on Roblox – it was launched in 3D format. This time, the game has been reworked in a two-dimensional mode. What is the story this time? It is multiplayer that involves two teams – EXE or a team of antagonist and Survivors. In the beginning of the round, one player is randomly selected to act as an antagonist. He will have to catch all the members of the other team. After the attack of the exe personage, a survivor joins his team as a minion!

Who will win?

Now it all depends on players’ agility. If survivors manage to remain alive and intact till the end of the round and go through a special green warp ring, their team wins! Each personage comes with enough abilities to defeat the opponents. The key point is to use them wisely. You must be very fast when you guide your character through tricky levels. There are 18 different maps you can explore, and each of them has its obstacles and barriers. This new remake is incredibly dynamic, and its main attraction is that you can take different personages under your control. All heroes can perform different stunts to overcome hazards and fend off the hostile attacks of the enemies. Use them to the fullest to help your character successfully maneuver through all the trials and win. It will be extremely difficult to act against other players but really funny! Delve deeper into crazy adventures of Sonic.Exe!